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Premier Tile Corporation is one of the Midwest’s leading wholesale tile and stone distributors. We serve the trade with a full range of quality products from some of the industry’s best manufacturers.

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New System, Improved Experience

Posted February 27, 2018

Taking care of our customers is Job 1, each and every day. We believe this includes everything from friendly, helpful interactions with our staff to an efficient, accurate purchasing process and all things in-between. In continuing this commitment, we are moving our operational procedures to a new system to help us serve you more effectively.

How You Will Benefit

Once we’ve fully moved to the new system, we will be able to share information with dealers who use fcB2B and other compatible data exchange systems. These dealers will have access to our product and pricing information within their system, helping them serve their customers more efficiently. This has been a highly requested item and we’re pleased to be able to finally provide this access.

Additionally, we will have a better inventory management system which will improve order accuracy, speed up order fulfillment and reduce out-of-stock issues. Your Premier Tile Corporation sales rep will have access to your account information in the field, making visits to your location even more productive and beneficial. Eventually, we will also be able to offer you 24/7 online ordering. We anticipate offering this 6 – 12 months after moving to the new system.

How You Might Be Impacted

The new system is complex and involves every aspect of our business. Our staff may have moments of confusion and take longer to do routine tasks until they’ve reached full proficiency. It’s possible your account information will need to be tweaked or updated. This will most likely happen as we work with you on your first order placed in the new system. Inventory levels and a discontinued items list will no longer be available on our website. A Suggested Retail Price (SRP) price list will continue to be available but will be formatted differently. As we continue to improve our processes, easy access to this information will be available to registered customers when we launch our 24/7 online ordering system within the next year. Account related-communications such as statements and order acknowledgements will have a new look. If you discover you aren’t receiving the information from us you normally do, please let us know.

Go-Live Date

We will go live with the new system when we open on Monday, March 26th. Our team has worked behind the scenes to learn the new system before going live so we can minimize any service disruptions or delays. However, there’s really no substitute for doing actual transactions, so we appreciate your patience as we make the transition!