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Prices shown are “Suggested Retail Prices.”

Actual retail price may vary and can be impacted by freight, product availability and other factors not considered in the prices shown. We update this information regularly, but verifying actual prices is recommended.

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Our general listing of available inventory is updated throughout the day, but discrepancies are possible. We recommend contacting Customer Service to verify actual inventory before placing an order.

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Using The Price Lists

The price lists are PDFs and easily searchable. Use CTRL+F to open the search window and enter your search term. Searching by series name when looking for tile produces the best results.

Price lists are arranged by new SKU numbers. If you are having trouble finding your item, it’s possible you have an old SKU. Please refer to the Reference Guides to find the new SKU.

Refresh/reload of this page is recommended before opening a price list to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date information.

Old SKU to New SKU
Reference Guides

If The Old SKU Starts With:

Numbers  :   Guide

Letters A – D  :   Guide

Letters  E – H  :  Guide

Letter I  :  Guide

Letters J – Q  :  Guide

Letters R – Z  :  Guide

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