Our spacious tile and stone showrooms are open to the public and we welcome visitors. Whether still in the idea stage or ready to choose tile for a current project, guests can browse a large selection of tile sizes, styles, colors and concepts all in one location. Each showroom is staffed by experienced designers happy to share their tile and design knowledge. One thing they won’t do, however, is sell you tile.

Why? If we aren’t selling to the public, why invite visitors to our showrooms? As a wholesale distributor, Premier Tile Corporation doesn’t offer installation services or participate in direct retail sales, so the answer lies in our commitment and partnership with our customers – flooring retailers and designers. The purpose of our showrooms is to help them serve their customers – homeowners, homebuilders, remodelers, etc.

How Our Tile Showrooms Work

Flooring retailers serve a wide variety of customers and must use their showroom space to show lots of flooring options, including carpet, wood and vinyl. Interior design showrooms often highlight aspects of an entire project, from paint and textiles to home decor options, while also serving as client meeting locations. In both cases, there often isn’t space available to showcase all the great options available for tile!

In our showrooms, it’s all about tile. By using our showrooms as an extension of their own, retailers and designers can give their customers access to more tile than they may be able to provide in their own locations. Our showrooms have full-piece displays of large format tile, floor tile, wall tile and mosaic tile. Our skilled staff is on hand to provide tile-specific knowledge, something that can be challenging for retail sales staff who must also have a working knowledge of the other types of flooring available at their location.

How Homeowners Can Use Our Tile Showrooms For Inspiration And Selection

If you visit one of our partner retail flooring locations first, but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, it’s possible your retailer will suggest visiting us. You may also choose to start your tile selection with us. We recommend scheduling a time if possible, but drop-ins are always welcome. Our showroom staff will guide you through a process based on your project, lifestyle and existing design elements. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll email the details to the partner retailer of your choice for purchase. They will often also work with you to make sure the installation is properly done. Their professional knowledge of substrate preparation, waterproofing, underlayments and more are vital to a quality tile installation you can enjoy for years to come.

How Flooring Retailers And Interior Designers Can Use Our Tile Showrooms To Close The Sale

Our partner retailers and designers have access to brochures, samples and support from our industry knowledgeable sales and support team. But, sometimes, more is needed to help a customer with selections. Those customers should be encouraged to visit one of our showrooms. Designers are encouraged to actively use our showroom in the design process. Retailers can feel comfortable that their customers will receive hands-on assistance.

Ready To Visit?

The locations and hours of each of our showrooms is available here. Take a quick tour through the photo galleries to see how many options are available, but keep in mind that our showrooms introduce new looks almost daily!