The major tile and floor covering shows are over again for another year, but as in years past, it’s an opportunity for tile manufacturers and designers to showcase their new introductions. The Premier Tile Corporation team saw a number of new looks to bring back to our showrooms, including the latest trends in wall tiles.

Tile on walls isn’t anything new. Americans have been incorporating subway tile into interior design since at least the early 1900s. But wall tiles have come into their own in the past decade or so and manufacturers are dedicating much of their design emphasis to developing both new formats and new looks for wall tiles.

Texture is amped up a notch this year with new introductions in wall tile that goes 3D. Looks range from striking to subtle and, when grouped with creative lighting design, walls can take on a variety of moods and aspects of movement.

Here’s a few of our favorites, both new introductions and previous releases.


Drama is the name of the game with this series. Bold motion and deep shadows create an unforgettable impact. This natural stone series remains one of our perennial favorites for making a statement.



The undulations of this series are offered in 3 levels of intensity in either a bright (gloss) version or a matte version field tile. The first photo below shows Suite Sublime in Blanco; the second photo features Suite Noblesse in Blanco and Negro.


The striations in texture found on these wall tiles brings to mind windswept sand. The available neutral color palette will allow this look to be used in a variety of design interpretations.


While also available in a smooth finish field tile, our heart belongs to the Waves tiles available in this series. This high-gloss finish tile is available in 7 colors.


Along with a beautifully depicted wave motion pattern, this series also offers a unique “quilt” version. These tiles bring an artistic styling with strong accents.


For warmer palettes, this series offers a smooth, matte finish. Because this texture is subtle, but beautifully defined, it easily creates definition without overstatement.


This series goes all in on texture with 4 different options available, each distinct and evocative of natural stone. From a sense of warmth to the soothing elegance of a semi-polished finish, this comprehensive series offers versatility. Each of the 3 colors in this series is offered in 4 textures.


To see any of the tiles above, visit one of our three showroom locations. From designers to homeowners, our showrooms provide wonderful idea centers. Our in-house designers are available to assist you and we offer sample tiles you can take with you to experience the tile in the final installation environment.  When you’ve made your final selections, we’ll also happily provide you with local retailers for purchase.