There’s some beautiful craftsmanship out there. We’re lucky enough to see it and be part of it every day through our supporting role as the tile source for some of the Midwest’s finest tile dealers, designers and installers.

May 1 through October 31, 2018, we’re sponsoring a monthly project photo contest to showcase this talent!

Who Can Enter

If you are a dealer, designer or installer, enter your projects for a chance to win! Monthly winners are selected by popular vote on Facebook and Instagram. Each project submitted is also an entry into the grand prize drawing for of $500 in-store credit at the Premier Tile Corporation location of your choice. Check out the details to see how easy it is to enter.

Who Can Vote

You get to be the judge! Help us choose our winner each month by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll post project entries and include the Vote badge.


Your “like” on Facebook and “love” on Instagram each equal a vote. To make sure Facebook delivers our contest entries in your news feed, be sure to follow us as well as like us and set your news feed setting for us to See First. See First settings are accessed when you click Following.


Contest Details And Entry

More information about the contest guidelines and a link to the entry form are here. You can also contact marketing @ if you have a question that isn’t answered on the provided info.

Winners will be announced via social media and the news section of our website, so stay tuned to stay informed.


Whether you work with tile or just appreciate those who do, this is a great way to see and appreciate projects from all over the Midwest!