Today’s subway tile is so much more!

Originally designed for use in a New York subway in 1904, the traditional white 3” x 6” glazed tile soon became popular in all sorts of settings, especially kitchens, both commercial and residential, and bathrooms.

Do some fast math and you’ll realize that subway tile has now played a roll in design for over 114 years. While popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, the look is enduring. Available nearly everywhere tile is sold, the traditional white subway tile continues to be a popular choice.

Like all good things, it’s open to interpretation. Today’s subway tile is no longer limited to the traditional! Here are some modern updates to the classic.

Elongated and Oversized

The latest options include tiles that are bigger, both longer and wider.

Colors and Patterns

Patterns, hand formed looks and a wide variety of color options are now available.

Materials and Finishes

Glass, porcelain, natural stone, metal, ceramic; crackle, undulated, distressed – the modern subway tile offers a bit of everything.

Installation Pattern Options

The traditional subway tile was most often installed with the traditional installation pattern called running bond, but subway tile in all its traditional and modern iterations is more versatile than that! Here are some patterns that work for all subway sizes and these patterns can be run horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Achieve a design that is both timeless and current with subway tile. Stop by any of our showrooms or one of our partner flooring retailers today to find your perfect version.